What to see in CHEFCHAOUEN otherwise called Chaouen(The blue city) ?

If you’re wondering what to see in Chefchaouen, this city is characterized by its narrow cobbled streets. Its houses and streets are painted blue and white, making it one of the most beautiful landscapes in the Rif region. Chefchaouen offers many breathtaking panoramic views. In this blue pearl, there are plenty of places to visit and things to do.

Chefchaouen is renowned for its stunning blue buildings of different shades in the old town, as well as its sloping cobbled streets filled with looms and leather goods. So, what should you see in Chefchaouen?

Here are some places to visit in Chefchaouen (Chaouen):

  • The panoramic view of Chefchaouen.
  • Ras al-Ma waterfalls and the sinks of Chefchaouen.
  • The medina.
  • Utta el-Hamman square.
  • The Kasbah or fortress.
  • The grand mosque.
  • Makhzen square.
  • Sebbanin mosque.
  • The sunset view from the Spanish Mosque.

After passing through the Bab Onsar gate, it’s recommended to start exploring the upper part of the medina. Wandering through each alley and being captivated by the blue color of the houses, you’ll find yourself immersed further into the experience. This is the best of what Chefchaouen has to offer and the reason why a visit to this charming city is highly recommended.